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Meet The Team

Bridger Park (The badger)
The founder Bridger Park

I am Strongly rooted in archery elk hunting. My springs are spent looking for sheds, my early summers scouting for bulls, and my late summers, of course, are spent chasing screaming bulls. I obsess over everything from 3-d shoots to the September chase. My truest affliction lies within calling. If it talks I'll hunt it.

Michael Rhodes, the only person who falsely believes whitetail are better than mule deer.

I grew up with strong southern tradition, everything from bass fishing, to Cajun cooking, with a side elk addiction. A whitetail hunter through and through. When I'm not sitting in trees waiting for bucks, I'm throwing plastics for perch, and bass. Living in Idaho has also instilled a passion for antelope and high alpine black bear. 

Collin Horkley
Collin Horkley, who is largely responsible for coming up with the name.

I am at my core, a pure outdoorsman. I hunt about every animal there is to chase in Idaho, but I spend most of my time chasing pronghorn and mulies. I am also an avid angler, hooking everything from kokanee and trout to catfish and bass. If I'm not hunting or fishing, there is still a good chance you'll find me in the woods, camping or riding.

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