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What is First Track?

Your digital guide.

First Track is the perfect first step for any hunt, whether you're heading to a new unit, a new state, wanting a competitive edge in that spot you haven't been to in a while, or if you just drew that coveted tag you're not taking risks on, our professional E-Scouting Services are there for you. We will take the time to find the absolute best spots in your hunt area. Not only will we scour maps for the best food sources, bedding habitat, game trails, glassing spots, wallows, and anything else that will provide the edge you need, we'll also put the man hours in researching your unit or hunt area to make sure you're in the very best spot you can be. Some of our packages go so far as to get in contact with local game agencies and trusted guides, making sure you will be on the X. Confidently put your boots on the ground when it matters.


Rocky Mountain Elk

Mapping out your elk hunt can be tough. You have to know what you are looking for: grazing areas and bedding, to wallows and traveling routes. Elk are our bread and butter. We are guaranteed to put you on the x, whether you finally pulled that coveted desert tag, or you're heading to the high country, or rolling sage mountains, to wheatgrass hills. We have you covered. 

Mule deer

In our opinion mule deer are the most technical to E-Scout for. They have a vast range, from sub-alpine high country, to low land farm habitat. The terrain they live in can also prove difficult to read on a map, whether you're trying to find summer buck beds, or October migration routes. Our profeciency in mule deer scouting has come from both a love of the challenge, to a series of season being constantly bested by the animals. 



By far the most monotonous form of E-Scouting there can be, is archery pronghorn. It generally consists of hours and hours of scrolling through flat plains or desert, searching for public land water troughs. Later season hunts can turn into a sort of chess match of trying to find access to public land around farms and private property, and finding suitable habitat for bedding. Hailing from a state with plentiful pronghorn opportunity, we've done it all.

Whitetail deer

Whitetail can vary wildly based on situations. Certain spots, like traveling corridors to feeding areas and sets along fields, are perfect for early season hunts. While finding suitible habitat for doe bedding, and trails that can be used to cruise these, is the perfect starting point for that late season hunt. What ever tag, we have you covered  

Image by Jordi Rubies
Image by Danika Perkinson

Black Bear

Black bear are one of the most daunting species to 's learn for first time hunters, with a wide variety of terrain and seasons. With careful planning and a little dedication, they are far more obtainable then the harvest ratio would represent. We have learned to blend some tactics from other animals with how we go about bruins. When spot and stalking, finding food sources is key, from berry patches to grasses, as well as knowing where to set up and how to locate bedding. We'll also help you locate prime territory for bait sets. We're the first stop for anyone pursuing bruins in any season.

Image by Greyson & Thomas


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